Building a Sense of Place
& Community with Art

With over thirty years experience, the Wells Group has the experience and knowledge to provide a full range of fine arts consulting and appraisal services for both corporate and public sector organizations.  We enjoy working with both large and small clients to comfortably match our services with the level of your organizations’ art collection needs.  We can assist with the initial stages of incorporating art into your work place environment to developing a long range plan to expand and evolve your art collection to a higher level.

Whether your company or organization is planning a move to a new location, remodeling a current facility, or simply planning to upgrade your offices, artwork can play an important role in creating a “Sense of Place and Community” within your environment.  We understand the importance of selecting artwork that will reflect your company's personality and contribute to an appealing and productive environment for your employees.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the presence of art in our daily environment can play an important role in “Building a Sense of Place and Community”.   The use of art in corporate and public places can enrich our lives and encourage personal empowerment, enhanced creativity, community pride and a sense of well being.

Our intent is to promote the use of art as an essential part of our everyday experience and to increase awareness of the value art to enhance our environment and culture. Our goal is to bring art into the
workplace and our community in imaginative and mutually beneficial ways that will result in better places to work and live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with competent and comprehensive art consulting and appraisal services to create and implement a plan that will achieve their short term and long term art collection  objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. With over thirty years of experience, we understand the process and have the knowledge background to deliver compelling, customized art collection solutions that will convey culture, values, and vision of our clients to their employees, clients and to the public.