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Wendy Wells Jackson's extensive career in the fine arts community has spanned over thirty years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Art History from Mills College in Oakland California in 1973 and then her Master of Fine Arts and Communications from the University of Portland in 1974. Her formal education includes the American Society of Appraisers Fine Art Studies in the mid nineties.

Ms. Wells Jackson has served as an independent fine arts advisor and appraiser since the late 80's. She has and continues to assist a variety of major corporations and government agencies in building art collections and with appraisals. She has guided employee art committees through the process of analyzing existing collections, goal setting for future purchases and coordinating conservation of art work.

She served as the Public Art Program Manager for the City of Portland's Metropolitan Arts Commission from 1985 to 1989. While there she managed the Public Art Program for the City, including administration of the 1% for Art program which entailed over 20 major art projects a year. Each project involved interaction with a diverse public committee and the administration of the city's art collection that is made up of over 1,000 works of art.

Notable projects included:

  • The coordination and installation of “Portlandia”, a 36 foot sculpture placed on the third floor landing of the Portland Building.
  • Art work placed in the Portland Center for the Performing Arts including the “Spectral Light Dome” placed in the ceiling.
  • Coordinator of the Portland Visual Chronicle, a collection of artworks by notable Northwest Artists.

Ms. Wells Jackson served as an Art Consultant at the Fountain Gallery of Art in Portland and Seattle from 1978 to 1985. While there, she promoted and sold artwork to clients in the government and corporate sectors. She assisted clients in artwork selection, coordinated commissions for the artist and client and provided publicity and appraisals when requested.

In the early to mid seventies Ms. Wells Jackson also served as the Director of the Portland Poetry Festival, Inc., where she orchestrated a series of performances by poets and writers of local and international status. She also served as Chairman and Lobbyist for the Oregon Committee for Art in Public Places, a citizens group formed to lobby City, County and State agencies in support of Percent for Art Bills.

Ms. Wells Jackson has served as a Board Member for several organizations including: Asian Arts Board of Oregon Institute, Portland Center for the Visual Arts, Reed College Women's Committee, Bosco Milligan Preservation of Historic Architecture, Artist's Equity, Oregon Art Advocates and the Contemporary Arts Council of the Portland Art Museum. She also is a member of the “The Art Table”, a national organization for professional women in the visual arts, the Portland Friends of the American Ambassadors Residence in Paris and the Portland Ambassadors.

Wendy Wells Jackson


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